Datadog announced updated version of their famous "The State of Serverless" report for the year 2022. Inside the report Datadog mentions that "Over half of organizations operating in each cloud have adopted serverless" which is very good news for the Serverless industry and demonstrates the growth potential.

Over half of organizations operating in each cloud have adopted serverless

On the other hand, Datadog included into the term "Serverless" also services like AWS Fargate or Google Cloud Run or Azure Container Instances, which is in my opinion just part of the Serverless picture and is missing the point of the huge advantage gained by using also other managed cloud services.

But fortunately we can see tremendous growth of Amazon EventBridge which is one of the core services used for building modern serverless applications.

API Gateway and SQS are the AWS technologies that invoke Lambda functions most frequently
Read more about Amazon EventBridge in blog post from Sheen Brisals from LEGO here.

We have still a long way to go in evangelisation of the "true" Serverless, where developers compose their apps of reusable cloud services like lego bricks, but the uptrend presented by Datadog looks very promising and we can see the results of hard work of the whole serverless community.

Quote from Filip Pyrek for Datadog

Read the whole report here:

The State of Serverless
Our latest report, which builds on our yearly research on the serverless ecosystem, examines thousands of applications to surface insights into how serverless is being used in the real world.